A well-designed garage conversion can add value to your property by as much as 10%. On average expect to pay in the region of £5,000 to £8,000 for conversion costs based on converting your average 2.5m by 5m single garage. This makes the garage conversion one of the most cost-effective ways to add value and improve your property’s resale value. In addition to this you have increased your amount of living space without having incurred the associated costs of moving to the next size house.

A normal garage will be approximately 2.5m by 5m which gives longer thinner room than most rooms in your house. These spaces lend themselves very well to be used as utility rooms, ground floor bathrooms, home offices, playrooms or simply a spare bedroom. Consider how you intend to use the space, what additional space in the house do you desperately need, how will this flow with your existing space. This is useful information for professionals to allow us to consider your needs and what you are trying to achieve.

So here is our guide of the main points for you to consider when starting out with your garage conversion:

Design and Layout

Design and use of the space and how this will flow with your existing living area

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not required for most garage conversions as you’re not altering the structure of the building. Although conservation areas and listed buildings may need planning consent

Building Control

Building control approval will be required to convert the garage to a habitable room and meet current building regulations. The main points under the building regulations are structural soundness, fireproofing and means of escape. Other elements do apply such as moisture, ventilation and insulation.

Insulation and Waterproofing

Consider how you are going to insulate the thermal elements such as the walls, floor and roof. Garage floors are often lower than the existing floor level as a fire break and can be reasonably straight forward by insulating and screeding above the existing floor or alternatively using timber flooring. Walls can be insulated using either an insulated stud frame or create a cavity using blockwork and cavity insulation. Your existing roof can be insulated as either a warm deck or cold deck insulated roof. Something to consider when using a cold deck system and raising the floor level by 120-150mm this may have an impact on the height in the finished room.

Windows and Doors

When installing windows and doors you will need to consider fire escape routes and escape windows with minimum clear openings for windows of 750mm x 450mm or 0.45m2. Usually an external garage door will be removed; to reduce the size of the opening this can be bricked up to make a window opening a more standard size. To do this, you will probably need to install a lintel above the window and any new brickwork fixed mechanically to the existing walls for structural stability.

So, what are the main pros and cons to converting your garage

The Pros

Creating additional space or an extra room if space is an issue

Adding value to your property – converting your garage adds more value to your home than it costs to convert – in most cases on average 8-10%

A cheap and cost-effective way to add space and value with the average garage conversion costing around £5,000 to £8,000

Savings on moving to the next size house up for the extra space

Great home office spaces

The Cons

You lose storage space and your existing garage, but today not many people use their garage to park the car; they become a dumping ground for anything and everything.

The disruption whilst the work is carried out can be messy, but this is only a temporary

The time and energy to control the work, allowing tradesmen access and making decisions

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