The Growing Trend in Utility Rooms

The humble utility room has slowly increased in size over the last few decades, from the Victorian times of a small wash house to the nineties box rooms with the washing machine and tumble dryer and somewhere to hang the wet washing and the dog bowls. 

Utility Rooms

 This small space has evolved to create what is now a secondary kitchen in most homes, leaving the kitchen to be a minimalist space more for show than functionality.

As client’s desire and trends lean more towards sleek, minimal kitchens in an open plan environment, with everything on show, so too has the utility evolved to compensate. The utility now houses the main functional items that once used to live in the kitchen area.

So, what are the things to consider when designing these keys spaces?


Consider carefully what will suit your needs and where the best location for your utility room is?
Where are the external drainage and water supply located, as that may have an impact on location?

Design & Practicality:

Will this space be a laundry room or a utility room?
Does this space need to be adjacent the kitchen or on the first floor?
Does it need to include natural daylight and access to the outside area?
How much room do you need in m2, (this may be dependent on the next question of what will be included)
The Growing Trend in Utility Rooms

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What should be included:

What things will the room need space for? Washing machine, tumble dryer, cloaks, storage for linen, cleaning products, cupboard space.

Utility rooms are perfect for hiding and housing everything, along with being favoured places for feeding and cosying our beloved pets.

As we move into a new era of the 2020’s these spaces are far from the traditional workrooms of the 80’s and 90’s. They are no longer destined to be junk rooms hidden away but modern multifunctional spaces that are purposeful, practical and uber stylish.

If you are thinking about adding a utility room to your home why not get in touch and book a FREE 30-minute consultation on 0121 387 5900.

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Updated: 13/10/2022

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